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You will learn

…the tools and workflows that can make your daily work more efficient and save you a lot of time.

We focus on applying actions and setups that’ll allow to you for focus on content rather that trivial InDesign techniques. Therefore, youíll learn to work with table and graphic styles. You will learn to create automated table of contents, auto numbered list, libraries, and how to save and share content from the cloud.

We expand the tool palette tremendously in terms of how you prepare your documents for web and print.

After the course you will, among other things, be able to

  • Create table of contents and use bulleted and numbered lists
  • Work in longer and more advanced documents using layers and multiple master pages
  • Create and apply table and object styles
  • Create text variables that eg pull metadata from your graphics files (name, copyright etc.)
  • Reuse objects and styles to match the appearance of your documents,
  • Work with advanced illustrations eg infographics
In the section, ”Course Details” below, you will find more details about the content of this course in InDesign.

You get

Before the course
  • The opportunity to speak with one of our instructors about finding the right course for you.
During the course
  • Teaching by the most experienced instructor team in our cozy and fully updated classrooms located in the center of Copenhagen.
  • A course that consists of a both theory and practical exercises. We know the importance of having practical exercises and hands-on is always in focus during the courses.
  • A course material you can use as an encyclopedia after the course and downloads of course exercises.
  • All meals, which includes breakfast, fresh coffee, tea, fruit, soft drinks, lunch in an Italian restaurant on Gråbrødretorv, cake, candy and off cause Wi-Fi to your devices.
  • A course certificate as a proof of your new skills.
After the course
  • Access to our free hotline service, which means that you up to a year after the completing of the course can contact us if you have questions regarding subjects from the course.
  • We have a unique satisfaction guarantee in order to ensure you the complete benefit from the course.

Get the best benefit from the course

This InDesign course is a part of 4D's unique collection of Adobe and English conducted courses and and we recommend that you have participated in our [link=[/link] or have the knowledge equivalent to the content covered in the above-mentioned course.

Course Details

Module 1 - Summary of the basics in InDesign
The first module of this course is a collection of topics from the basic course, which will be relevant to a further understanding of the following issues.

The following will be covered:
  • Setting up documents and more
  • Panel setup
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Workspaces

Module 2 - Advanced Figures
In this module, you will learn how to draw and create more advanced shapes than just circles and squares. You'll be able to create more attractive and professional designs.

The following will be covered:
  • Pen tool
  • Pathfinder
  • Convert shapes

Module 3 - Layers in InDesign
With Layers in InDesign, you will get a better overview of the different content objects in the document. The module deals with the potential of lock, hide and select objects and change the order of the objects using the Layers panel.

The following will be covered:
  • Layers panel
  • Layer order
  • Layer transparency
  • Selecting objects
  • Move objects between layers

Module 4 - Tables in InDesign
The Table tool in InDesign will be reviewed. With this module you will learn how to create forms and present large volumes of data in a neat and organized way.

The following will be covered:
  • Creation
  • Import from other documents
  • Table and cell size
  • Frames
  • Colors and color patterns

Module 5 - Recycling and uniformity
There can be several objects to format across many pages in a document. Instead of formatting each one by one, you can reuse previously created looks, with tools presented in this module.

The following will be covered:
  • Using snippets and libraries
  • Multiple master pages
  • Book function for the assembly of multiple documents
  • Summary of paragraph and character styles
  • Object styles
  • Table and cell styles
  • Recycling from other documents
  • Templates

Module 6 - Advanced text in InDesign
InDesign offers many advanced text features. In this module, you will learn to adjust and take advantage of these features.

The following will be covered:
  • Baseline grid
  • Columns
  • Footnotes
  • Type on Path
  • Bullet/numbered lists

Module 7 - Table of Contents
In this module we will look at the creation and usability of a table of content. You can create a table of contents in a InDesign document, on the basis of the paragraph styles used in the document, and format the table of contents as you want.

The following will be covered:
  • Create paragraph styles for the table of contents
  • Create table of contents
  • Format the table of contents
  • Advanced formatting with character styles

Module 8 - Data Merge
This module deals with the ability to merge an InDesign document with an address book for making labels, business cards and other documents where the overall appearance should be the same, except the records (names, addresses etc.).

The following will be covered:
  • Data sources
  • Data fields
  • Create final document (InDesign or PDF)

Module 9 – PDF for print and web
The module aims to give you an understanding of the creation of PDF files, both for print and web, in different qualities and colors and with the common requirements and standards, such as bleed marks, crop marks, color profiles and more.

The following will be covered:
  • Summary of image quality
  • Summary of CMYK vs. RGB
  • Export
  • Package

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