PowerPoint Templates (conducted in English) kursus

You will learn

If you would like to be able to build up templates and themes for your organisation to be used in PowerPoint presentations and themes to be used all over in Office, this is the course for you!

This course will equip you with skills required to create themes (fonts and colours of your company), as well as how to build up templates to be used in PowerPoint. The themes you create can also be used in the rest of the Office programmes (Word and Excel) in order to secure a uniform look in all your Office documents. The templates created are to be used in PowerPoint.
You will also learn how to change or create the master behind the presentations, and how to create the layouts to be used by all the users in the company.

This course is intended for you, who work with PowerPoint 2016, PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2010 or PowerPoint as a part of Office 365.

You get

Before the course
  • The opportunity to speak with one of our instructors about finding the right course for you.
During the course
  • Teaching by the most experienced instructor team, in our cosy and fully updated classrooms located in the centre of Copenhagen.
  • A course that consists of both theory and practical exercises. We know the importance of having practical exercises, and hands-on is always in focus during our courses.
  • A course material you can use as an encyclopaedia after the course and downloads of course exercises.
  • All meals, which includes breakfast, fresh coffee, tea, fruit, soft drinks, lunch in an Italian restaurant on Gråbrødretorv, cake, candy and off cause Wi-Fi to your devices.
  • A course certificate as a proof of your new skills.

After the course
  • Access to our free hotline service, which means that you, up to a year after the completing of the course, can contact us if you have questions regarding subjects from the course.
  • We have a unique satisfaction guarantee in order to ensure you the complete benefit from the course.

Get the best benefit from the course

This course takes for granted that you have the basic skills taught in our basic or experienced courses, and we recommend that you show up in time on the day of the course, willing to learn, and we can promise you the best possible course experience.

Feel free to contact us on 33 14 71 44, undervisning@4d.dk or via our chat. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Course Details


You will learn how to change an existing master regarding layout and design, and how you can have more masters in your presentation at the same time (more designs at a time). You will also learn how to create just the layouts needed in your company.

  • The slide master and its function and how to change this regarding formatting and graphics
  • The other masters and their function and how to change these
  • More than one slide master in your presentation
  • How to create new layouts and deleting the ones not needed

Themes and templates

You will also learn how to create and use the company theme in means of using the colours and fonts of the company. A theme can also be used everywhere in the other Office applications. In this way you can uniform the looks of all the documents used in the company (whether it comes from PowerPoint, Word or Excel).

  • What is the difference between templates and themes?
  • How to use pre-defined themes and how to create your own theme
  • How do you create your own PowerPoint templates: How to get the right formats, logos, the positioning of text and objects, and how you create new layouts
  • Creating templates including theme

Sections, hyperlinks and action buttons

You will learn to work with sections, so you will can your way in your presentation more easily. How to, for example by using a Main Menu and by using hyperlinks and action buttons, can go to different parts of your presentation. Can be very useful, as you do not want to broadcast your presentation in the same way and sequence every time.

  • How you create sections
  • How you create a Main Menu with links to sections in your presentation. How you create action buttons – for example in order to go back to the Main Menu from each slide, if wanted
  • How you use hyperlinks: By clicking on a picture during broadcasting you can go to a specific slide in your presentation or open another file or Web address

  • Shortcut keys in PowerPoint
  • Access keys


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