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You will learn

You will acquire the most important skills needed to manage large or complex documents. You will also learn, to create intelligent templates using data fields.

This course in Word is intended for you, who work with Word 2016, Word 2013 or Word as a part of Office 365.

You get

Before the course
  • The opportunity to speak with one of our instructors about finding the right course for you.
During the course
  • Teaching by the most experienced instructor team in our cozy and fully updated classrooms located in the center of Copenhagen.
  • A course that consists of a both theory and practical exercises. We know the importance of having practical exercises and hands-on is always in focus during the courses.
  • A course material you can use as an encyclopedia after the course and downloads of course exercises.
  • All meals, which includes breakfast, fresh coffee, tea, fruit, soft drinks, lunch in an Italian restaurant on Gråbrødretorv, cake, candy and off cause Wi-Fi to your devices.
  • A course certificate as a proof of your new skills.
After the course
  • Access to our free hotline service, which means that you up to a year after the completing of the course can contact us if you have questions regarding subjects from the course.
  • We have a unique satisfaction guarantee in order to ensure you the complete benefit from the course.

Get the best benefit from the course

This Word course is a part of 4D's unique collection of English conducted courses for Office and it is an experienced course, so we recommend that you have participated in our Word Basic or have the knowledge equivalent to the content covered in the above-mentioned course.

Course Details

User Customization of Word

In this module you’ll learn how you customize the user interface in Word. You learn also learn how to customize the keyboard shortcuts for your needs.

  • Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Customize the Keyboard
  • Customize the Status Bar
  • Word Options

Styles in Word

Styles is the professional way to format your documents. In this module you’ll learn to create and working with styles.

  • Advantages of Using Styles
  • Using and Editing Styles
  • Creating Styles

Working with Large Documents

In this module you’ll be introduced to a lot of tools necessary working with large documents e.g. reports or user manuals. You'll learn about the opportunities automating large documents.

  • Document Outline and Miniatures - Quick Overview and Navigation
  • Tables of Contents
  • Index
  • Table of Figures
  • Food- and End Notes
  • Cross References - References Across Pages of Your Document
  • Hyperlinks

Merging Documents

In this module you’ll learn why it might be appropriate to subdivide large documents into multiple smaller documents. You'll also learn to merge multiple documents into a single document.

  • Main and Sub Documents
  • Inserting Text from Other Documents

Mail Merging in Word

In this module you’ll learn how to use mail merge and what options you have. You’ll learn to create personalized letters too many different people, and how to handle data sources with many details.

  • Merging Letters, Emails, Envelopes, Labels and Address Lists
  • Filtering and Selection of Individual Records

Cooperating on Documents

In this module you’ll learn about collaboration and proofing tools in Word. You’ll learn to insert comments in your document, as well as how to manage suggestions for corrections. You’ll learn to compare multiple documents highlighting any differences.

  • Comments in Your Document
  • Track Changes So You Know What has Been Changed
  • Accept or Reject Changes
  • Show Track Changes - Different Ways of Getting a Summary of Changes
  • Compare Two or More Documents
  • Document Properties - Enter Author, Company or Other Information
  • Mark the Document as Final - Prevent Changes and Create Access Codes


In this module you’ll get an understanding of templates in Word and the benefits of using them. You’ll learn to create your own templates.

  • Using Templates
  • Creating Templates

Fields and Control Elements in Word

In this module you’ll learn how to add automation and simplicity to your templates using fields and controls.

  • Creating, Editing and Updating Fields
  • Content Controls - Creating Electronic Forms
  • Protection of Forms


In this module you’ll learn how to add automation to your document using macros. You'll learn what macros are and when they are used. You learn to create simple macros by using the "macro recorder".

  • Learn What a Macro is - Automation in Word
  • Recording Macros
  • Editing Macros
  • Running Macros


In this module you’ll get an overview of all shortcut keys and fields.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts in Word
  • Function Keys
  • Fields


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